Monday, November 17, 2008

Senior Tribute

Last week against San Diego was the last BYU home game. Before the game, the Seniors were called one by one onto the field. WOW... I got so emotional seeing Travis walk out onto the field for the last time. Then, after the game, BYU played special tribute to the seniors by calling them back onto the field followed by their family members. The Seniors were given lais when they came on the field. It was so cool seeing all the guys coming on the field with their family. The last guy had so many lais you could barely see his head! :)
I can't believe 4 years has come and gone ... It has been so amazing watching Travis play. Not sure what we are going to do next year during football season! :)
Great Job Travis! Thank you for the memories.

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Walters Family said...

So Awesome! It sure has been fun following Travis and his games. It just won't be the same when he doesn't play... it is sad. Keep us updated with any NFL news or whatever! What an awesome season and 4 years! He is a great role model to a lot of people. You guys are great to be so supportive. I sure hope BYU spanks UofU!! Go BYU!