Sunday, November 23, 2008

BYU vs. Utah


Well ..... This was a sad way to end the season. Utah won. There were times when we thought we would win, but well ... you win some, you lose some. BYU played and tried hard. Travis made an AWESOME "pancake" during the first quarter. Poor ole Utah Ute soul! :)

I will say, the Utah fans are SO not nice. Some BYU fans mentioned they had beer thrown on them. I just can't believe the way they act and treat not just BYU fans, but people! I know it's the rival school, but some people really just take it too far. I know I'll probably get some slack for this, but it is only a game. And what kills me is the fans act like THEY had anything to do with the game. Whenever Utah scored, they would yell and shout at the BYU fans. Not shout and cheer at the players to show their support. They are the ones doing all the work.

I don't consider myself as a die-hard fan, but I am a fan who knows it's just a game and I'm proud for all they do and for what they stand for. As long as the players do the best they can, what more can we expect?? Just my opinion.

Now we just wait to hear which bowl game BYU will be playing at. Can't wait for that!!! :)

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