Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sacrament at Home

After church on Sunday before going back to my Mom's house for the night, Donovan, Jarrett, and I went to my house to have lunch and hang out for a while. When we got home, I see Jarrett breaking apart a piece of bread and asking me where the plastic cups are. I show him where the cups are and ask him what does he need them for? He tells me to have Sacrament! I think, "oh how silly of me!" He takes the plate of broken bread and cups of water into the living room and tells me "ok, it's now time for Sacrament meeting." I thought this was so cute!! He even said the prayers (well, sort of ... but did really good), handed out the bread and water, then got Donovan and I ready for the Sacrament talks. My talk was on the Holy Ghost, Donovan was to play the part of a member from the Stake Presidency, and Jarrett was ..... yes you guessed it - the Bishop! Jarrett did a great job putting together our little Sacrament at home. It was way too cute!

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