Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello, Hello!

Hi everyone. As we all know, I have never kept on top of all the blogging. But, I will do my best to keep it up and keep everyone posted on life events.
Let's see... where to start. First that comes to mind, is I am getting married! Yes, on October 15, Donovan Poulter and I will be married in the Mesa LDS Temple. We met in January 2011 and hit it off right from the start. Donovan has an adorable little boy named Jarrett. Donovan and Jarrett lived in Snowflake, AZ and in the end of May they moved to Coolidge, AZ to live with some family and so we could be closer together. He's an amazing man and I am truly lucky. :)Donovan said my hair kept blowing in his face tickling him. I couldn't stop laughing!

Donovan and I took Jarrett to the zoo in March. He loved looking at all the different animals.

Next, in April 2011, I had my commencement ceremony for school. My last day of school was July 4, 2011. I am now officially DONE WITH SCHOOL!!! Yes, everyone, I am finally a college graduate! Here are some pictures of my graduation from the University of Phoenix.

My amazing, beautiful sister Jessica took my graduation pictures. Isn't she fantastic? Check out her photography website! This is my beautiful Mother and I. :)
This is my amazing fiance, Donovan, and I. He came down from Snowflake, AZ to support me. :)

Here is my amazing family!! (Mom, Jessica, me, Travis, Bode, and Alison).

My Granny and Paw-Paw from Florida also came to watch me graduate. I'm so thankful for my family and all the support they gave me while I was attending school. I had many ups and downs, stressful days, and several emotional moments. They helped me get through it all and I can't thank them enough. Thank you, THANK YOU! :)

My sister in law, Alison, and my brother, Travis, are expecting their 2nd baby in August. I believe if Alison had a choice, she would choose the end of July. I'm so excited they are having another boy! My Bode will have a little brother!! I seriously cannot wait until he is born. :)

On Friday July 1st, I was heading to work in the morning and was involved in a car accident. I do not remember it as I suffered a concussion and two fractured ribs. My family once again were amazing and were by my side in the hospital and every day since the accident. From what I was told by my family, I was stopped behind a driver waiting to turn left in a one-way street. A car behind me did not see us stopping and tried to go around us on the right, but could not because of barricades. So he came back onto the road and hit me head on going about 45 mph. Thankfully I did not suffer any worse, but my car is completely totalled. I am healing slowly, but I am healing! Travis came down that Friday and he and Donovan offered me a blessing. I felt the spirit so much and am so grateful for everything my family and Donovan did for me.

That is pretty much all the main points of everything going on. So to sum up... my family is amazing!!!!

Now that I am not in school (yahoo!!) I do not have any excuses for not blogging much. But, I guess I will now with all the wedding plans. :)

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Do You Think I Am An Automaton said...

I am so excited for your upcoming wedding, Kim! You look so happy in your pictures! Keep those posts coming!