Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Makeup Artistry

For my wedding, I thought about hiring someone to do my makeup. But to save money I decided not to look into hiring someone. A few weeks ago, Jessica was at Fry's and text me about a car sticker advertising a makeup artist. I looked up the website and was instantly excited!! I could not wait to call Sarah Painter. Sarah's passion for makeup, reviews, pictures, and prices were amazing!

I called Sarah for a run through and oh... my... gosh!!! SOO pretty!! I felt gorgeous! The makeup was simple, yet very beautiful. Just what I like. If you are wondering about pictures of the run through make up ... keep on wondering! If you want to see my oh-so fabulous makeup, you'll just have to come to the wedding!!

In the meantime, check out Sarah's website and remember her if you ever want fabulous makeup for a special event. :)

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