Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Trip to Texas

A few weeks ago, Mom, Jessica, and I went to Texas to visit Travis, Alison, and Bode. Unfortunately, Mom could only stay for the weekend. For Travis and Alison's 5 year anniversary, they celebrated by going on a cruise. Jessica and I baby-sat Bode. That was the BEST time!! We had so much fun playing games, cars, Leggo's, play-doh, coloring with markers (of course the ones that only mark on special paper - great invention!!), read books, played on The Tubes, and just had a wonderful time.
Here are some pictures to enjoy!
When Bode put away his Leggo's, each piece must be separated. He would place some of the Leggo's under his chin so he can separate other pieces.
Bode loved The Tubes. He even had me crawling around playing with him. I had a blast!
Bode even found a new friend. She telling her Mom "she won't come with me." Her Mom tried to tell her not everyone is a "she."
Aunt Ca and Bode coloring. I think this was a time when Bode took away a marker Jessica was using. She would say "Bode, I was using that!" I tried to tell her they were his markers. haha
Aunt Ca and Bode relaxing after a long afternoon. :)
Bode LOVED this toy. He did not want to leave when it was time. :)
Bode loves storytime. If you're willing, he will have you reading books, books, and books. I loved storytime with Bode.

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Jessica said...

Oh, I love that kid!! Can't wait to see him in a couple of weeks!!! :)