Saturday, January 9, 2010

Good Weekend

This has been a very nice weekend. Mom and Jessica came over to help me take down my Christmas decorations, then I cleaned my house, then got ready for my work Holiday party at my boss,Stacy's house. The party was a lot of fun! Just about everyone was there and we had a great time talking, laughing, and enjoying good food! I made chicken alfredo with broccoli - can you say De-licious!? We had a bowling Wii challenge and I won. Yep that's right, I kicked some butt! Well, not really, but I still won! :) After everyone left, I hung out with Stacy to help her clean up and we had a great talk. Her daughter (Alli) is the cutest little girl! She and I were joking around having fun. She asked Stacy if she could show me her report card. (So cute!) Alli's a smart little girl! She loves to read, dance, and she has a heart of gold! She wrote me a note as I was talking to Stacy. This is what she said: "Kim, I think you are sooo cool. You are the best! Love, Alli" That seriously made my week!
Before the party, I asked Stacy if it would be okay to have the Dallas Cowboys game playing in the background. Thank goodness her husband is a fan! So we watched the Cowboys beat the Eagles (once again!) 34-14!!

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