Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'm Baaaack!!!

Alright, alright ... we all know I'm not the best blogger on the block. :)

Life has been pretty crazy, hectic, and fabulous! I am still attending school at University of Phoenix (UOP) online and it's a love/hate relationship. I love it that I can do my homework on MY time and I am getting closer and closer to graduation every week (July 4th!!!). I hate it when I am working in teams and someone is procrastinating so bad I am staying up until midnight to post our assignment that is due at midnight! It is difficult to communicate mostly via emails and forums because some people do not know how to properly communicate through electronics. Words and phrases can easily be misinterpreted.

My perfect nephew is a little over 2 1/2 years old and calls me "Bebe!" Love the nickname!!! A couple weeks ago, Mom and Jessica took some time off and visiting Travis, Alison, and Bode. When Bode saw Mom and Jessica, he asked "Bebe?" or would ask "Bebe plane??" - wondering if I was going to fly into town soon. :( Sorry Bode ... I will be there next time - I PROMISE YOU!!!!!!!! Oh how I cried knowing he KNOWS me and best of all .. he missed me!!!! :) I sent him a picture of my through Mom's cell phone and she told me he looked at my picture and said "Hi, Bebe!! Hi, Bebe!!" Then took the phone hugged and kissed it. Oh doesn't he just melt your heart!?!!!??
He's such a happy little boy!! Love and miss you like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, this may surprise anyone that knows me (certainly surprised my family), but I have a cat. Yes .. me .. a cat owner. I was getting a little lonely at home and wanted a pet to keep me company. I REALLY wanted a dog, but with my busy schedule I thought having a dog right now would not be best for me. I wouldn't be able to give it all the attention and love I would want to. But, my trainer was wanting to get rid of some kittens her cat recently had and was giving them away for free.. so I thought what the heck?! Her name is Tiger Lily because she's a little orange stripped cat; but we all call her Lily. When she gets into trouble I have another name for her! I must say she has the FUNNIEST personality. She makes me mad, but she can sure crack me up at times!!
Life has been good. I know life will always bring us challenges and I'm grateful for an amazing family who is always there to support me, cry with me, laugh with me (ok, let's face it ... usually make fun of me - haha!), and willing to offer advice whether I want to hear it or not and whether it's good or bad. :)
Stick around... I'll write more later! :)

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Papa and Nana said...

I'm so excited for you regarding graduation and you're new companion "Lily". Now be serious, how can Bode ever forget his aunts?---especially you and Jessica. Sure love those warm fuzzies huh? Keep us posted.