Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bode is 1 Years Old!

Last weekend Mom, Jessica, and I went up to Provo to visit Travis and Alison to celebrate Bode's first birthday. Can't believe he's one! Bode is walking all over the place and is just as cute as ever!

I arrived in Provo Thursday morning and well, let's just say I was a bit under dressed for Utah. I wore shorts, a short sleeve shirt, and flip flops. It was about 40 degrees when I arrived. What the heck!?!?!! It's freakin' March! I left about 90 degree weather in lovely AZ and the temperature dropped 50 degrees! Normally I look up the weather before traveling anywhere. But, because I was going to be gone the rest of the week, I needed to make sure I was caught up with my homework, so I didn't get to bed until around midnight waking up at 4 am. Well, when Travis and Alison picked me up at the airport I thought they were going to roll up onto the sidewalk. They took one look at me and was dying laughing!! I don't blame them. I looked like a retard in shorts! Such the tourist. :)

While up in Provo, we had so much fun hanging out, laughing, going shooting, going shopping, and just playing with Bode. My cousin Jeri was also visiting that weekend to attend the wedding of Nicholas Friddle (son of my Dad's good friend, Tory Friddle). Jeri brought her new baby, Luke. I wish I had a picture! He is so adorable and was so much fun making him laugh.

It was fun getting out of town for a while, but I was great to be back home! Although, I ended up having a cold because of my inappropriate AZ attire in stinkin cold UT. :) Warning: ALWAYS no matter what time you go to bed, double check the weather before going anywhere! lol

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Krissa said...

HaHa... that is funny...okay not so much since you got sick...that sucks. I cant believe he is one...time flies!