Sunday, February 22, 2009

Long Time, No Write....

Wow, it's been a long time since I've updated my blog! No time like the present! Much has been going on. First of all ... My braces are off!!!!!!! I am SO excited!! I had braces on for almost 18 months and (yes Jessica) it was so worth every pain, wire poke, and headache. Just look at my beautiful smile! ... :)

February 3, 2009 was an amazing day! I couldn't stop smiling all day. However, on February 4th, I got my dreaded retainer. :( But, I have been very good wearing them all the time (oops ... not right now) because I do NOT want to have to go through wearing braces again! :)

School started up again in January. I'm taking Economics, Accounting, and Business Law. Yeah, I have no life .... Classes are going really good. I really like the Business Law class. Very interesting. All my classes this semester are online which allows me more flexibility to complete assignments, projects, and tests any time I want.

Work is going really well. In January I received a suprise promotion. A friend of mine that works at another branch called me to congratulate me on my promotion. Had no idea what was going on! I was promoted to a Bank Officer. It was pretty exciting. It was my goal to work hard to get the promotion by the end of 2009 and I was promoted on January 1st. lol So .... guess that means I don't have to work hard! j/k :) Still loving my job at the bank.

My adorable nephew, Bode, will be 1 years old in a few weeks. Found out today Bode took 5 steps! He's such a determined little boy! I'm sure he'll be walking in no time and giving Travis and Alison a good work out every day. :) I just love that guy .. miss him so much!

My new exciting adventure is I'm house hunting! It's such a great time to buy and have you seen the prices out there?! Such a freakin' steal!!! I hope to find a home in a few months because the process is KILLING me! The very first house I looked at with my Realtor I fell in love with! But, sadly, it was under contract. (Why do realtors do this?!!? Dangle that house in front of me to just tear it away from me!) I know it wasn't meant to be and my dream home is out there waiting for me to move in!

Well, I think that about sums it up for now! I'll be back to blogging on a regular basis. :) Hope everyone is doing great!!


Walters Family said...

Oh my gosh, girl, you have so many things going on in your life and they are all good, wonderful things. You're beautiful and so is your smile! Your face is all lit up. Congrats on the promotion! Wow! Awesome! Buying a house too, good for you! It is good to hear from you and hear all the wonderful things happening in your life. May you find your dream house and may it be better than the one that was dangled in front of you! YOU GO, GIRL!!

Jake-n-Maria said...

You look so good Kim! I'm glad I found you on Blogger!

The Hills said...

Love that smile! Girl I had brace for 2 years and 2 days...blah! So worth it though and it trully shows how much you love your smile! You're beautiful just the way you are! :) Best of luck with school and house hunting, oh the joys of life! haha

Mike said...

Hey you look great! I'm going to be getting braces next month - will will need to wear them for 2 1/2 year! Glad to know it's worth it.

Harris Family said...

Your sparklies look awesome... some things are worth it in the end huh?.