Thursday, August 21, 2008

Boot Camp

For the past 2 months, Jessica and I have been doing boot camp. We go one hour a day, two days a week. It's a lot of fun and so well worth it! (Granted I only say it's "fun" when the workout is over.) Our trainer isn't the typical drill sergent, yelling in your face all the time kind of trainer. I don't like that! She keeps us motivated and makes us want to work harder. However, there are times I want to glare at her and tell her to "GO AWAY!" but when you see results, you can't help but want to keep going and working more.

I will say I HATE burpies. A burpie is when you start in a standing position, then you put your hands on the ground shoulder length apart, then kick your legs back, then bring your legs back up, and stand up. Then you repeat! Nope ... don't like this one.

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