Thursday, December 31, 2009


Jessica and I were driving home a few weeks ago and she had craving for Jamba Juice. Because Jessica can't walk, I went in to get the drink for her. When I got inside, I called her on my cell to tell her the menu and see what she wanted to drink. She chose the Mango-A-Go-Go. The cashier asked me if she wanted a "power boost." What I heard Jessica ask for is "vidamency." The cashier asked me "what?" I said she wants "vidamency?" (Never heard of that before, but she likes Jamba Juice - I don't really like it. I figured she knows what they serve.) I kept asking Jessica "you want 'vidamency'???" She said, "YES!" The cashier gave me a confused look and shaking his head "no".... So I told Jessica, "they don't have 'vidamency'." To which she said "NO!!! VIT-A-MIN C!"
Thanks to the cell phone reception, the cashier thought I was an idiot. Oh, and they didn't even have Vitamin C ... only Daily Vitamins.
We laughed alllll the way home with her Mango-A-Go-Go and no vidamency or Vitamin C. :)

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Walters Family said...

Oh my gosh! That is SO funny!! That would be a good Mad Gab card.