Sunday, October 5, 2008

Visit to Utah 10-3-08

This past weekend, Mom, Jessica, and I enjoyed another visit to Utah to watch BYU win against USU. I have so much fun going to the games and seeing family each weekend. Bode is growing so much! The picture posted is Bode at almost 7 months old. He's getting so big! Mom told me this picture reminded her of a picture she has with me (about 4 yrs old) holding my new baby brother Travis (probably a couple months old). Travis was so big and long it looked like he was holding me!

This weekend we also celebrated Alison's birthday (Happy Birthday!!!). Jessica asked Travis for some advise on what to get Alison. Travis mentioned a few gifts Alison would like (Ironman movie and 9mm gun "for bonding times with her husband"), and it's a good thing Jessica followed her instincts - those gifts were what Travis wanted!! Little stinker. We had so much fun hanging out with Travis, Alison, and Bode. :)

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I Am An Automaton said...

I love that picture of you, Kim! You look so cute in a baseball hat! Cute little nephew too. I watched the video of the interview with Travis and it was really funny! I remember when that kid was still in elementary school!